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Missions and objectives

YAZAN is a Beirut-based cultural association that brings together artists, cultural managers, practitioners and producers interested in engaging in multidisciplinary artistic practices, while not having access to mainstream modes of production. Yazan attempts at creating production opportunities and possibilities and its artists and practitioners work in the fields of performance arts, including dance, theatre and music, documentary and fiction films, visual arts, writing as well as education and pedagogical activities.
YAZAN was officially co-founded in 2018 by Walid Abdelnour, Caroline Hatem and Kinda Hassan.

Our goal in the medium and long term is to professionalize the sector and to create competent artistic and technical teams at the regional level, and this through the following:
• Quality productions that adapt universal texts revealing their dramaturgical relevance in our socio-political and economic context, as well as favouring interdisciplinary artistic collaborations.
• Intensive hands-on training programs with high-caliber international trainers intended to build capacities in the field of performing arts in a context of lack of quality education. The YPAT program aims at creating teams of local and regional artists, writers, technicians and cultural practitioners to nurture an increasingly professionalized cultural sector.
• A sprawling network (NCO) of public and private entities as municipalities or cultural foundations throughout Lebanon aiming at the dissemination of high quality music and theatre performances within a curated touring program. Touring creates sustainable opportunities for artists while promoting access to art for culturally deprived audiences in remote places.


Main Activities

Performing Arts Production
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YAZAN Professional Artist Training (YPAT)
Network / Touring