Radio Acan

ACAN radio programs

Online radio programs dealing with cultural / artistic - social topics and the exchange of expertise

  • Topic: A societal social program that simulates the current reality of females and their problems with society and tells their stories
  • Prepared and presented by: Maryam Shreim
  • Time: Every Saturday via Zoom on our Facebook page
  • Topic: A youth program that deals with social, political, and objective issues that concern youth
  • Prepared and presented by: Rawan Amin
  • Time: Every Wednesday via Zoom on our Facebook page 
  • Topic: A program for children and adolescents that tells the stories of the storyteller and the tale and deals with guided educational games and handicrafts
  • Prepared and presented by: Rana Ghaddar
  • Time: Every Tuesday via Zoom on our Facebook page 

ACAN radio - Meetings

An interview with the artist Henry Zgheib

An interview with the artist May Nasr

An interview with Hammana Artist house

An interview with the artist Amal Al-Mazouri

An interview with the photographer's house / Ramzi Haidar

Interview with cinematographer Muriel Abu El-Rous and director Denis Jabbour

An interview with Omar Abu Azar's / Zoukak company

An interview with Farah Wardani / Laban Association

An interview with the stage group amateur theater / Oman

Interview with a seynario

An interview with Dar El-Nimer

An interview with Maestro Berkeif Teslakian/Al Fayhaa Choir

An interview with the storyteller Khaled Nana`

An interview with peace of art association

An interview with the Saudi theater company

An interview with Mr. Fares Joachim

An interview with Ettijahat

An interview with clown me in

Seminar on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day

An interview with Action for Hope