The opportunity to get involved in the cultural and artistic community is available through ACAN

You can enhance your future by learning about the programs of this network and communicating with its members, institutions, and individuals

Who is ACAN ?

The world witnessed a catastrophic transformation due to the accelerating spread of the new Corona virus, and thus a significant decline in the cultural and civilizational fields appeared at the global level as a whole and at the Arab level in particular. To fill this gap, ACAN was established to bring together Arab institutions, associations, and artists in late 2020. As this project develops, it addresses cultural, political, economic, and social issues, including programs for children and youth, artistic programs related to theater, in addition to programs for exchanging experiences between institutions. This network serves as a motivational tool that promotes artistic and social culture to this day.

Our campaigns

Through the social networking sites of the Arab Culture and Arts Network and through our partners and members of the network, we seek to advertise all campaigns aimed at supporting institutions and individuals both technically and culturally.

Cultural solidarity

It is a project to support cultural and artistic institutions and artists in light of crises by collecting donations and contributions to face the crisis.

Our aim

In ACAN, we seek to link donor institutions with all artists and cultural institutions in the Arab region for the sake of decentralization, continuity of cultural work, its prosperity, independence, and diversity of funding sources.

Arts outside the box

For the sake of cultural balance and to support individuals and youth initiatives, the arts are everyone’s right.

Participatory design

the interrelationship of the interactive co-relationship in order to promote the processes of cultural exchange and artistic co-production

Common ground

Team collaboration, equal opportunity, and enhancing cultural policies.

ACAN programs

• Publishing works, events, and artistic and cultural grants through its website and social media platforms

• Providing grants to institutions and individuals, as well as supporting emerging experiences

• Preparing artistic programs through the website and online radio (an electronic platform open to all)

• Issuing a monthly electronic newspaper to highlight the cultural scene in the Arab region

• Establishing training programs for institutions and volunteers to organize festivals, cultural events, and training workshops

• Creating partnerships in organizing and supporting newly emerging festivals and training programs for institutions and volunteers

• Organizing weekly and annual online sessions, seminars, conferences, and regional meetings

Out of 1270 projects submitted from various countries around the world, 360 were nominated, 20 in each of the 18 WSIS Action Line categories, with Ronda taking first place; the Arab Culture and Arts Network project from Lebanon won in the category of cultural diversity, identity, linguistic diversity, and local content, with projects from Rwanda, Bangladesh, India, and Australia as the best five projects in the world.

The Arab Culture and Arts Network (ACAN) received the Intercultural Achievement Award (IAA) in the category “Recent Events” given by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. The Network won the award among 1,300 competing projects from 87 countries.