Corporation for Community Development Association

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Corporation for Community Development Association






Rafat – Salfeet -Palestine,






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Missions and objectives

It aims to be the leading rural institution through positive interaction with social needs of marginalized categories in Salfiet to provide peculiar and qualitative services.
1. To qualify people with disabilities from both genders and empower them economically.
2. To contribute the elimination of violence against woman.
3. To contribute improving the standard of living for marginalized categories.
4. To reinforce human rights , democracy and the rule of law in society.
5. To build and improve young leaderships and to enhance academic and cultural level for them.
6. To build and improve the abilities of the institution and staff.


Main Activities

• Program of empowering women economically, socially and healthily.
• Program of empowering them economically, socially and legally.
• Program of improving youth abilities culturally and academically.
1- Multiple professional trainings for women
2- Summer camps – choir – educational workshops for children and youth – folk dance for children
3- Leisure activities for children
4- Providing health aids and services to people with disabilities



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Scope of work for the association – Palestine
We have many partnerships with local institutions inside the country
And members of coalitions, local networks, and some regionally