Openness Development Association

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Openness Development Association






Cheikh Taba Akkar, ITO Building, First Floor






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Missions and objectives

Respond to the basic and urgent needs of the most vulnerable, in particular children.
To strengthen the protection capacities of the affected communities and support capacity building for refugees and host communities.
To provide education and protection to out-of-school children.
To protect children from child labor and address the right to education for all.
Develop management committees on different levels.


Main Activities

ODA is a community-oriented, inclusive, impartial, and independent non-governmental organization.

We support young and vulnerable children to become agents of change in their society. Al Wujdan Association for Development and Official Managers (ODA), programs led by youth and children who focus on sustainable development in education, protection, livelihoods, and social stability since 2016.

ODA has a strong field presence in North Lebanon with offices and centers in Halba, Cheikh Taba, Tal Hayat, and Borj Al Arab.