The Society of AWTAR for Arts and Culture Creativeness

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The Society of AWTAR for Arts and Culture Creativeness



Nablus, Rafedia


Palestine- Nablus

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Missions and objectives

Directing the society which lived through a long period of time in the darkness of oppression and deprivation and to dust off its legacy and set out for a new world and restore the confidence, pioneering and civilized role through fine arts.

Promote the artistic and cultural movement to a higher level for all who wish.
2. Preparing specialists in the field of arts in general so that the study period, conditions and content are consistent with the needs of the Palestinian community.
3. Contributing to the creation of a general environment for artistic culture in harmony with social and moral values and in a manner that preserves the original values within the framework of a cohesive, open, impartial and non- racial society.
4. Emphasizing the impact of art as a revolutionary tool in building society through critical artistic thinking and employing it in addressing community issues and problems.
5. Providing technical, literary, scientific materials that guarantee the activity of members and researchers in art and art education to achieve aspects of creativity and innovation.
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Facebook: ةيعمج راتوا زكرم عادبلال ينفلا يفاقثلا
6. Creating a balanced, integrated personality for the student and the target groups (thought and behavior), developing various activities, and spreading the spirit of innovation, creativity, innovation and initiative.
7. Providing direct scientific and technical services and consultations to the society associations.
8. Supporting civil society organizations, associations, unions and scientific and artistic unions, encouraging them and providing means for their development.
9. Encouraging women to practice arts, assisting them and empowering them economically through arts and artistic works.
10. Economic empowerment of women through cultural and artistic tools

Our Values:
Combating intolerance and prejudice
Equality between men and women
Preserving the Palestinian identity heritage
Belonging to the Palestinian social fabric

Main Activities

Our activities
Music Classes
Psychological Discharge
Art classes, plastic art, and gallery exhibitions
Computer lab
Awareness workshops
Cultural café
heritage preservation.

Contact person

Name of head of Organization: Salam Qaood