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Missions and objectives

We, at THE ARABIC VOICE, are dedicated to the promise of being a cultural gateway to 300 million Arabic speakers, and the bridge to a deeply-rooted civilization in the middle of the modern world. We aim at delivering your word through hand-picked native professional voices that keep your message consistent with local cultural and linguistic themes of the Middle East and North Africa. Guided by your brand essence and persona, we help you create a unique signature for your business. THE ARABIC VOICE “Your voice, in Arabic”


Setting new standards in Arabic voice-over and dubbing industry.

Providing high-end professional voice-over services in global/standard Arabic and local Arabic dialects.

Establishing a regional network of native qualified voice actors and acting as the world’s hub for voice casting in the Arabic language and local dialects.

Providing true and unique cultural localization represented in voice and dubbing productions for global brands, institutions, and governments.

Keeping the promise of being our clients’ cultural gateway to the Arab world and the Arabic-speaking markets.


Reinforce our brand positioning in the market as “ The world-leading voice-over and dubbing provider in Arabic”.

Grow our market reach in the USA and China, achieving a total business volume growth of 200%.

Expanding THE ARABIC VOICE, Inc. to Europe by establishing a new headquarters on European soil.

Getting THE ARABIC VOICE recognized as “the leading localization hub with a global talent-base” for Arabic voice actors and voice seekers.

Main Activities

Arabic and Bilingual Voice-over Recording
Editing, Mastering and Sound Design
Complete Localization into Arabic
Translation/Script Adaptation and Time coding for Dubbing
Transcription and Subtitling

Contact person

Ahmed AlQotb