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Missions and objectives

Tabadoul’s mission is to support artists present in the territory of Tangier and its region. Since 7 years, we worked with the mission of supporting the expression of artists and especially young talents. To do this we implement, in our different actions, measures to promote young talent in their professionalization. Our actions are oriented towards the viability and sustainability of a permanent cultural cluster to foster a climate of openness and exchange between Moroccan and international artists in a framework recognized at national and international level.
The simple act of giving youngsters, women, immigrants…. -as bearers of great cultural diversity- the opportunity to get on stage, give them means to advocate, express their citizenship and their visions of change.

Our methodology is based on different approaches: creativity to promote dialogue and openness, integration in the sense of cosmopolitanism, artistic expression as a practice of social development, networking. This is why we decided to focus our energy on innovation of what we have already did: invest in young people and revitalize the public space as a place of cultural promotion


Main Activities

Tabadoul’s Association took a place in a 400m² industrial wasteland in the center of Tangier ; After renovation and layouts ; this multidisciplinary space welcomed the diversity of Arts and Worldwide culture seven years and half ago as it welcomed a wide variety of activities like ; Dancing , Singing , Painting , Laughing , Learning , Discovering ,Sharing and so on as they are still practiced and attained to this present day at Tabadoul .This space is one of the , let us say , the strongest points of Tabadoul because materializes its action on the territory and provides an exceptional space for work in the city of Tangier . Tabadoul would have met some difficulties to develop everything that it set up without this extraordinary space. Nevertheless, it allowed Tabadoul to be more visible and discoverable for Artists that are present in Tangier’s territory and to gladly , welcome them with open arms.