Palestine Wildlife Society

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Palestine Wildlife Society



Biet Sahour -Lower Hattom



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Missions and objectives

PWLS’s Vision
Towards pristine wildlife, empowered communities and a sustainable environment in Palestine.
PWLS’s Mission
Palestine Wildlife Society works in Partnership with local stakeholders and communities and with international key players in an innovative way to conserve species, habitats and sites, Promote ecological sustainability and Empower people for positive environmental change through national, regional and international programmers.

Main Activities

The following objectives are being established:
1. Conservation and Management of Species and Habitats.
2. Education and Promotion of Wildlife and Nature.
3. Active participation and involvement of local communities in Conservation Movement, sustainable development, eco tourism, including the Desertification Convention and Food Security..
4. Monitoring & Promoting the Important Bird Areas.
5. Helping the animal farms

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Imad Atrash