Monah Di

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Monah Di



Rua Tobias moscoso



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Missions and objectives

My name is Monah Di,
I develop visual creations since 2012.
My work with images uses photos that are transformed into another creation, another image, this technique is called Remix.
When I’m working, I highlight what I want, with filters, shadow/light adjustments, correction paint. Through my images, I emphasize the role of the unconscious in artistic creation and its metaphysical expression.
According to the surrealists, “art must free itself from the demands of logic and reason and go beyond everyday consciousness.”
I express myself within this logic, which is much more than a mere aesthetic movement, but a way of seeing the world and life, where the mystical presence transcends art itself.
My goal is to take people out of their comfort zones and into a symbolic and dreamlike world, allowing the observer to access that archetypal world and remember the great truth; that we are never alone.
This is my job.

Main Activities

movie theater,
creation of images by the Remix technique.