Fondation Liban Cinema

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Fondation Liban Cinema






Berytech Innovation Park – Mathaf Museum District, Damascus Street






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Missions and objectives

Fondation Liban Cinema is a non-governmental organization that plays a powerful and effective federating role in the Lebanese audiovisual industry. Fondation Liban Cinema is unique by its mission of a Film Commission that links Lebanese professionals locally and abroad among them and with the public sector and advocates to their cause, a mission that no other organization in the field fulfills.
Official cooperation links Fondation Liban Cinema to the public sector giving her the mandate to negotiate coproduction agreements, to attract investments in the media field and help the film industry grow and compete.
•Supporting the development of a competitive Lebanese film industry
•Professionalizing and structuring the sector
•Financing the development of the local film industry with a high level of quality and controlled budgets
•Establishing Lebanon as a prominent international production location


Main Activities

•Facilitating local film production
•Promoting the Lebanese cinema industry locally and abroad
•Preserving Lebanese audiovisual heritage
•Restoring and showcasing audiovisual archives.
•Collecting data and elaborating studies to propose public accompanying measures necessary for the development of the sector.