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Asociación Amigos de Europa



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Missions and objectives

Amigos de Europa is an experienced organization from Andalusia. We were founded with the only goal to support the development of our youngsters and people coming from rural areas of Andalusia. Consequently, we were involved in many projectes and we started to grown even if the growment of the organization was no our aim.
In this sense, we can say that we became a reference about the european and international projects in our region.
Nowadays, Amigos de Europa is a big umbrella organization or informal network which include more than 30 municipalities, sport clubs, NGO with different backgrounds, schools… So Amigos de Europa is more than NGO, is a movement in Andalusia, and we became a movement thanks to the international partner which trusted us and to the spanish organizations which were involved with us in the projects.

Main Activities

Amigos de Europa is an Association entirely dedicated to the development of youth. Its mission is to stimulate and sustain young people’s active, civic and responsible participation to the educational, social, cultural and economic environment of the communities they live in.
Amigos de Europa concentrates its efforts on activities with clear objectives, such as the development, support and reinforcement of the counseling, informing and forming processes of the target generation, in a European context. These objectives will be met by means of creating the favorable environment in the communities of these young people for the enhancement of their personal and professional performance. Furthermore, their needs will constantly be identified and fulfilled through a large array of sustainable activities.
For its well-functioning, this association relies on the principles of responsible volunteering, self-motivation and self-determination, active civic participation, taking initiative, involvement and cooperation, adaptability, continuity, competence, competitiveness, friendship, mutual respect and support, democracy, transparency, equity, legality, durability, social dialogue, tolerance, versatility and non-discrimination.
Amigos de Europa is a youth organization that provides education, culture, art and other services for youngsters of small villages from Andalusia. Concretely we have cooperation agreements with more than 30 municipalities.

Our organisation has experience in different kind of projects and we act as an umbrella organization that’s allow to find the correct target group to your project. We can contact with organizations of sport, arts, social affairs, youth…..always trying to be a trustful partner and offering help and support in order to get a successful project.
We are member and co-founder of “Butterfly Dreamer Network” a global coalition of organization.
Each year we sent more than 200 participants to take part in projects abroad, and we always follow the same working method based in two principles.

1- Free access: We don’t ask for any fee to the participants.

2- Co-responsability relation Hosting-Sending Organization / Participants: We have at least 3 personal meetings with the participants. First one to introduce them in Erasmus + programme and project. Second one to desing and clarify their role and task in the project also to carry on logistical stuff (travel, routes, preparing reimbursment documentation…) and third one to evaluate their experience in the project and to prepare and do the dissemination activities.

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Javier Morales