Amwaj Association for Community Development and Improvement

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Amwaj Association for Community Development and Improvement



Gaza – Al-Nasser- Haboob Building- Fourth Floor- Flat No.(7)



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Missions and objectives

Amwaj Association for Community Development and Improvement is a non-government organization that stands for improving the quality of people’s life in the society by providing cultural, social educational, and psychosocial support. Amwaj believes that the human being is equal and have the same natural rights under the law.

• Activating the cultural movement and encouraging citizens to access cultural and artistic activities in the Gaza Strip
• Palestinian cultural producers have cooperation and exchange with other local producers and international cultural producers and promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between people and countries.
• Contribute to mitigating the negative repercussions of the spread of poverty and unemployment in the Gaza Strip
• Continuing the process of organizational development and strengthening the capacities of Amwaj to better serve the community

Main Activities

AMWAJ For Community Development Association provides interactive cultural, civic education, recreational, psychosocial support, and other creative programs and activities (Example: theatrical performances, Folklore presentations, Educational lessons for schools students, drama workshops, community initiatives, volunteering and youth empowerment activities, training courses and workshops to train actors, as well as cultural workshops and events).

Contact person

Yehia Idrees (Exacutive Director)