Al najad Association for emergency and development

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Al najad Association for emergency and development



Gaza, Al Nasser Street



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Missions and objectives

Al Najd association aiming at alleviate suffering and contributing in eradicating poverty and reduce all form of discrimination against women.
-Capacity building of women and youth in Gaza in the field of socio-economic and entrepreneurships.
-Enhance resilience of the women and youth in Gaza through innovative approach of psychosocial intervention.
– Contributing in elimination of all form of GBV, and enhance the culture of genders’ mainstreaming and safeguarding.
Maintain the Palestinian culture and arts through national campaigns, workshops, exhibition and social media tools.

Main Activities

– Implementing small income generation projects as of animal raising- Rabbits , food processing, hand craft, herbs production, back yard gardens,female small projects photography, short filming.
– Providing mental & psychosocial health support and debriefing sessions post trauma.

Contact person

Dr. Rafat. M. Hassouna ,MPH