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Asociación de Innovación, Formación y Empleo para el Desarrollo Sostenible



Calle Aljibes, 70, Granada, 18008



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Missions and objectives

AIFED is a non-governmental organization working at regional, national, and European levels in the field of
education, culture, inclusion, and employment. Based in Granada, Spain the NGO was created in 2008.
The organization was set up at the initiative of experimented educators and teachers with the aim to
create a non-profit association with a humanist character that offers opportunities for entrepreneurship
training, community development and promotes equal opportunities for all society members. The NGO works on the management and innovation of training and employment programs for different
sectors of activities and several target groups. It focuses and develops its activities in education –
training, culture, lifelong learning, social and sustainable development, social innovation and
entrepreneurship, intercultural citizenship education. The organization has a wide experience in
developing personal and professional pathways through training delivered to adults and young people
with the goal of strengthening their competencies.
There are two main departments in AIFED: Department of training, education, and employment that
works in a variety of programs for students, adults, and seniors and Department of Youth Work which is
focused on implementing high-quality activities for young people in a non-formal setting.
AIFED is oriented towards fostering the social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities with different
social, economic, and educational backgrounds.

Main Activities

AIFED counts on its experience in developing local and regional activities in the field of
training, culture, employment, sustainability, and climate change awareness and in its wide experience of
implementing outreach actions, needs assessments, developing studies and manuals, research reports, and studies. In the field of Strategic Partnerships and Capacity Building projects under Erasmus+ and previous
programs such as LLP, AIFED has been a member of the consortium in over 30 projects (more than 10
in the implementation phase). Currently, AIFED is the leader of two KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the
exchange of good practices projects (one exchange of good practices and one Innovation – Partnerships
for Creativity).

Contact person

María José Martínez González