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Rua Nova do Loureiro, 77



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Missions and objectives

Achieve social equality and equity by promoting the specific rights and interests of minorities and the most disadvantaged groups.
Promote cultural diversity and strive for access to social and human rights that guarantee personal and social well-being.
Boost active citizenship by encouraging citizens to carry out their personal projects, always defending the values ​​of respect and tolerance.
Guide and connect people and entities that fight for human dignity through innovative methodologies and non-formal education in order to unify efforts and enhance solidarity work.

Main Activities

Local intervention projects: long-term social projects in communities
Training: short-term training projects for technicians, educators and professionals from different areas.
International projects: Erasmus training courses and exchanges; international volunteering and internships; seminars …
Awareness-raising actions: media campaigns or on the street (making the most invisible problems and inequalities visible), lectures, seminars …
Advocacy: political pressure
Promotion of networking

Contact person

Mónica Salas Corrigan