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Zakira-The Image Festival Association



Wardeyeh, Hamra Beirut, Lebanon



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Missions and objectives

Created in 2007, ZAKIRA (“Memory” in Arabic) is an NGO whose primary goal is to promote photography, and, more generally, the image in our society. Its objective is to enhance photographers’ work, to re-evaluate the importance of the image, to explore its impact and strength, and to create a circle of common interest open to all those interested in photography.

ZAKIRA‘s projects and activities aim to raise awareness among both professional and amateur photographers, buyers or plain observers, spectators and citizens of all ages and from walks of life.
Each event provides an occasion to meet and exchange ideas about photography. In this manner, ZAKIRA organizes exhibitions, contests, workshops, ongoing projects and civil awareness campaigns. ZAKIRA also aims to build an archive to preserve photographs.

Main Activities

1- Provide photography/ videography training workshops to empower people from vulnerable communities (children, refugees, women and juvenile prisoners , challenged youth and stateless individuals)
2- Publish books or create a screening event of the beneficiaries’ after each project.
3- Organize exhibitions of the beneficiaries’ work after each project
4- Open studios for selected beneficiaries to run, manage and earn a living.
5- Organize photography festivals; like “Beirut Image Festival” in 2019 that exhibits national, regional and international work of photographers mainly in Beirut and all over Lebanon

Contact person

Ramzi Haidar