Name of the organization or artist

zahr alloz






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Missions and objectives

tanmiat qudrat altulaab alfaniyat walthaqafiat min rasm wa’ashghal yadawiat wasinaeat dumaa watayirat waruqiin
Developing students’ artistic and cultural abilities such as drawing, handicrafts, dolls and paper planes
Developing the expressive artistic energies and talents of children and youth, including singing, acting, dancing, folk dancing and playing music
3.Develop and develop creative reading and writing
4.Develop social customs and family and community traditions
5.Developing civic concepts of acceptance of others, tolerance and renunciation of violence
6.Training young leadership and getting used to decision-making

Main Activities

1.Art competitions such as drawing, handicrafts, kites and puppet making
2.Artistic, cultural and literary competitions such as creative writing, book and reader and general information competitions
3.Literary, cultural and artistic competitions and youth leadership courses on the topics of democracy, human rights, tolerance, acceptance of others, transparency, objectivity, dialogue and getting used to decision-making.
We also have theater groups that offer educational plays for students of all ages.
Groups of clowns and activators of psychological discharge, and all our programs allow the participation and integration of people with special needs

Contact person

ez aldeen alsa’ad