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Youths for Peace Building& Development in Africa ( YOUPEDA )



YOUPEDA House, 19 Street, Kurudu Abuja



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Missions and objectives

Our mission is to help young people, girls, women and all persons experience peace and non-violence. And some of our Objectives include:
1. To develop and ensure a peaceful society of youths and children devoid of violence, civil unrest and such negative occurrences
2. Empower the child and youth against diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria
3. And reduce youthful crime and abuse of amphetamine type stimulate.
4. To promote youth led programs in communities to bring about peace and reduce violence
5. Empower women, girls, women against gender based violence of all forms including boys and men.
6. Mobilize youths to participate in and lead non-violent activities and build good relationships among youth from different communities, ethnic groups and castes.
7. Promote participation of youth in community service projects, dialogues and decision-making forums.
8. To create channels of communication and interaction thereby promoting multi-dialogue between Religions in Nigeria so that the members of both faiths may have mutual understanding of each other’s religious position, co-existence among all the people of Nigeria irrespective of their religious or ethnic affiliations.
9. To promote and inculcate moral. Ethical, social and cultural values of the two faiths for the rebirth and rebuilding of a better society.
10. To create an alliance and network with organizations of similar aims at home and internationally, for the furtherance of the objectives of the organization
11. To conduct regular all inclusive discourse for African development and make situational analysis- reports to African governments, private sector, interested individuals, professional bodies and other related institutions for good policies, programmes and implementation.
12. 10. To encourage women to seek, participate and contribute to leadership development and growth in Africa.
13. 11. Engage in international exchange programmes in peace issues, education and capacity development, trainings and voluntary supports.
14. 12. To develop broad spectrum capacity and systems frame to handle any emerging issues in African development.

Main Activities

Some of our Activities include:

Peace booth camps for youths and children
Community intergenerational Dialogue
Sensitization and Awareness raising
Social media
Cultural and Religious rites of the people
peace festivals and Peace Shows

Contact person

Obi P. Onyeigwe