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You Press





G32B Expressway Studios 1 Dock Road London E16 1AH





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Missions and objectives

We believe in the power of words and stories to change lives for the better. Our vision is to become an adaptive creative hub where young people and diverse communities can find their voice and be heard.

Our mission is to use creative arts, writing, stories and training to empower young people and diverse communities to find their voices and be heard.


Main Activities

Social Impact Objectives
• To improve psychosocial competency: through creative activities geared towards problem-solving; decision-making; time-keeping; critical thinking; verbal communication skills; self-awareness; managing emotions; and self-confidence.
• To increase written communication and reading skills, through tailored writing-based, multi-media and research programmes.
• To improve (self)employability, as a result of upskilling through work experience and training.
• To enhance emotional health and well-being, through self-expression, a sense of catharsis, greater confidence, facilitated social interaction and enjoyment of activities.
• To improve prospects through work experience, training and internships.
• To boost educational achievement, particularly in literacy-based subjects for those who have struggled using mainstream methods.
• To increase I.T and media-literacy skills; transferable to different sectors.
• To improve community cohesion, across generations and cultures, as a result of better understanding of marginalised perspectives, through inter-cultural activities.
• To reduce hate crime and racism through addressing stigmatisation, disillusionment and alienation as part of our creative projects.
• To empower young people, from marginalised communities, to express themselves, create new work, and engage in dialogue with people from different backgrounds.


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Farah Mohammoud