Name of the organization or artist

Women’s Center alThouri Silwan



Abu-Tor, Jerusalem, Palestine



Missions and objectives

• Our vision: A free society empty of all forms of discrimination against women.
• Our mission: Empowering women and children towards active participation in decision making and positively influencing the social and humanitarian status of women and family and thus to gain a significant role in shaping their future.
• Our Strategic Objectives:
1- Women’s rights and security are improved.
2- Participation of women in decision-making and leadership have increased.
3- Women’s Economic Empowerment is enhanced.
4- Women’s participation in public sphere is increased.

Main Activities

1. Economic Empowerment
2. Awareness Raising
3. Cultural and Educational Activities
4. Humanitarian Aid
Our projects’ scope includes Women and human rights, education and awareness building, combating violence against women and children, seeking help and learning legal measures to protect themselves. Empowerment of women and youth through education and training aiming at learning decision making and taking responsibility over shaping their own future. Build women’s ability to develop their own business and develop income-generating activities. All of these activities are environmentally friendly oriented. Cultural enhancement for women in general and children in particular.