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Women’s Affairs center



Al-Nasr – Al-Lababidi Street – Al-Saeed Building



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Missions and objectives

WAC’s mission reflects that it is an independent and non-profit Palestinian NGO with the purpose of empowering women and advocating women’s rights and gender equality through capacity development, information and innovative research and advocacy programs. While implementing its strategy to fulfill its vision, WAC is guided by international human rights principles including empowerment and participation; equality and non-discrimination; and accountability to ensure justice and dignity for women.

Main Objectives of the Center:
– Building abilities: Contribute to strengthening capacity building for the staff of the center for women\’s affairs, women\’s institutions and women in marginalized communities in various areas of Gaza Strip.
– Contribute to improving the informed-decision -making process related to women and gender equality
– Contribute to creating supportive environment to promote change in policies, strategies and legislations towards women\’s rights, gender, gender justice and women\’s participation in politics and public life

Main Activities

The Center for Women\’s Affairs is an independent, non-profit feminist association that aims to empower women and advance women\’s rights and gender equality through women\’s empowerment programs, research, and advocacy. In achieving its vision and mission, the Center for Women’s Affairs is committed to the principles of human rights, which include responsibility and commitment to the rule of law, transparency, tolerance, justice, equality, non-discrimination, participation and empowerment of marginalized groups..\\

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Amal Siam