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Wattan Media Network- Safad






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Missions and objectives

Palestinians are empowered by media content that supports Palestinians aspirations for a democratic ‎independent and tolerant Palestinian state. ‎

v Promoting a human rights culture and advocating for the accountability of the Palestinian government ‎to its citizens. ‎

v Promoting the effective role of independent media in creating a society where values of citizenship, ‎rule of law and development prevail.‎

v Producing, broadcasting, and disseminating programmes and news that focus on society development ‎and raise awareness of political, social, economic, judicial, educational, environmental and health ‎issues as well as highlighting the vibrant mosaic of Palestinian history, culture and heritage.‎

v Advancing the “Comprehensive Media,” a recent concept stressing the integration of traditional ‎media sources, such as TV and radio, with new media, including social networking sites. ‎

Main Activities

Wattan is an award-winning, independent and secular media network based in Ramallah, Palestine. It was ‎established in 1996 by three civil society organizations. Over the past two decades, Wattan has ‎established itself as an important voice of Palestinian citizens, civil society, marginalised communities ‎and groups, women and, most significantly, youth. ‎

Wattan has become a strong independent voice of local news coverage, investigative journalism and ‎accountability advocacy. Its programs provide credible and timely independent media content that ‎contributes to the openness and cultural diversity of Palestine. The organization’s success has been ‎fueled by its professionalism and impartiality in an otherwise polarized media environment. In gaining ‎the trust of people, Wattan has shown the importance of independent media coverage in highlighting ‎marginalized communities and groups, especially women and youth, on behalf of whom Wattan has ‎become an advocate for social, economic and political rights. ‎

Our team of reporters, correspondents, and experts in the West Bank and Gaza provide wide ranging ‎reporting and programming on issues of public concern including sensitive and controversial topics such ‎as public sector corruption, and accountability on security forces that are rarely covered by mainstream ‎Palestinian media. ‎

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Khaled Faqeeh