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Vox Pacis – The Voice of Peace



St. Eriksgatan 99. 113 31 Stockholm



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Missions and objectives

Vox Pacis goals are peace work, conflict solving, musical and artistic inspiration. Vox Pacis sprung out of a wish to find cultural and spiritual meetings of understanding and dialogue. We asked: could cultural meetings build bridges into peoples hearts allowing us to reach behind the outer shell and find new openings that unite us? We belive that music, theatre, dance – yes, all the different forms and expressions of culture – make it possible to find ways that open. If different voices can meet, collaborate and bring together seemingly incompatible expressions and transform them into a common “third stage-language”, we´ve made the impossible possible and reach a little bit on the way….

Main Activities

Peace and Multicultural concerts, Youth musical, Drama, Concert shows, Lectures, Workshops, Guest shows, Networking, Research.

Contact person

director Gunilla Nordlund