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Vincent Caruana




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Missions and objectives

Vincent Caruana’s mission in life is to inspire people to take action for a better self and a better world.
He was born on the 10 April 1967. In 1991 he obtained an Honours degree in Education from the University of Malta, specialising in Physics and Mathematics. Three years later he obtained a Diploma in Political Studies from the same University. Subsequently between 1995 and 1998 he studied Environmental and Development Education, obtaining a M.Sc. through London South Bank University. In 2014, he obtained his PhD, focusing on education for sustainability and the social economy, through four case studies, in Egypt, Malta, Italy and Palestine. Vince is currently a full-time lecturer and researcher at CEER – Malta’s University Centre for Environmental Education and Research.
Vince has for the past 35 years been very active in the Social and Development NGO scene, both locally and at a European level, having co-founded a social enterprise “Koperattiva Kummerc Gust” and Malta’s Network of Development Organisations SKOP. Vince’s interest in the social economy spans for more than 20 years, having acted in the late 90s as Malta’s focal point for Mediterraneo 2000 – a project to strengthen the social economy within the Mediterranean Region. He is an established mentor and trainer of various Civil Society Organisations, and is also experienced in project management and monitoring and evaluation.

Main Activities

Research interests include Sustainable Development and the Arts, Social Enterprises, Permaculture and Peer Mentoring.

Vince’s passions include music, street food, travel, personal development, gardening and community development.