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ULAIA ArteSud onlus



Via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA



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Missions and objectives

ULAIA, an organizaton which has at its heart the dignity
and the rights of human beings in every part of the
world; it watches over the peaceful coexistence of peoples.It has identified solidarity as a way of bringing us closer to oppressed communites and through the exchange of culture and informaton we will continue to disseminate this value which is the very basis of ULAIA. We have concentrated our energy on the Palestnian people, one of the worst treated and oppressed people, who have been deprived of the most elementary of rights, ever since the expropriaton of their land by Israel.In order to make the best use of our limited resources, we have restricted our
voluntary work to Lebanon.

Main Activities

“Music without borders” a project that supports the Youth Orchestra “Al Mokhayam” and Sumoud Guirab of Beit Atfal Assumoud at Burj Chemali Camp (TYR).
Longstanding course of “Shiatsu” for women in partnership with the Italian Shiatsu Academy, at Al Houlah association (B. Chemali camp).
LET CULTURE TRAVEL “Scholarships for Palestnian boy enrolled at Turin Polytechnic of Italy (Bekaa, Wawel camp).
SUPPORT a CHILD – Fund a child’s schooling:for children from disadvantaged families.
And many other activities according to the skill of volunteers available (kickboxing, woman personal defense and so on).

Contact person

Olga Ambrosanio, president