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Tokat Ekonomik Kalkınma ve Meslek Edindirme Derneği






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Missions and objectives

Established in 2013 by mostly volunteers, teachers and trainers, Tokat Economic
Development and Vocational Training Association supports vocational and technical
training and wishes to improve knowledge and skills of young people and adults
TEKMED is a voluntary employee Association. It is related with all kinds of vocational
training and provides training in vocational subjects, diversification of economic
activities,and encourages innovative efforts to improve the competition in Tokat
region. It conducts surveys and SWOT analysis for the region and Organizes meeting
for the province’s development and helps to include local resources in provincial
economy by means of research and development, universities, vocational and
technical education schools, municipality, civil society organizations, city agencies and
organizations. For the development of the province, the Industrialists and business
men support investments. The province produces projects and increases activities .
The Association supports sporting activities and air sports, national customs and the
family which is the smallest unit of society and the development of moral values of
the individual members and the scientific and cultural advancement of our people in
order to contribute to social, cultural, educational, intellectual, artistic, democratic,
children rights and women’s rights, nature, conservation studies, economic advice and
guidance. Residents of Tokat province live together within the culture and traditions
of local and regional traditions .
It organizes activities such as scientific and educational nature of courses, seminars,
symposia, conferences, congresses and similar national and international meetings
containing several scientific publications that include national and international
activities. certified experts work on these issues and arrange training.
Turkey supports the integration with the European Union. Foreign cultures encourage
intercultural dialogue and understanding and kindness. The country’s public and social
life create the conditions for the active participation of young people. Youth
organisations work to improve relations among the business community.
Thought and expression in press, news and the rights and freedoms of import and
export in accordance with the requirements of a democratic society it is striving to be
used. The inviolability of the person and freedom knowing that this right is
indispensable for the development of society economic and social measures and to
develop in ways that do not contradict the principle of equality works.

Main Activities

Our Association protocol with Tokat KOSGEB Services Department “Applied
Entrepreneurship” organized trainings such as Personal development, business and
social life communication training, CNC, 2 and 3-dimensional drafting and
professional design, and CAD/CAM courses in 2014 and 2015
As for the provincial publicity, it was completed in 2014 “Four Seasons” aerial shots
of the project were made. Photos from air were taken in many cities of our country.
2014-1-TR01-KA102-009202 accepted by the Turkish National Agency, project about
“Vocational and Technical Education Students Gaining Business Experience in
Europe” was successfully implemented.
Tokat Governorship, Directorate of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation was
coordinator of the consortium in the project 2015-1-TR01-KA104-020614 “Methods
and Monitoring of Implementation Used in Education for Disadvantaged Individuals in
Europe” and our association was a member of the consortium.
Tokat Governor was coordinator and Tokat Municipality and Tokat Economic
Develoupment and Vocational Training Association were members in the consortium,
The Central Black Sea Development Agency (OKA) supported the project
“Contributions to Social Entrepreneurship in Tokat Vision” and consortium completed
it successfully.
Turkish Youth and Sports Ministry accepted project of our association; GPDP No. 14
11 922 “The Future is in the Skies” was introduced to young people with project
aviation activities.
In 2015 in the province of Tokat, is one of two institutions to receive accreditation
2016-3-TR01-KA105-036666 ‘Youth Meet with Aerial Photography’ project is
Tokat and districts in 2016 in 20 vocational and technical education schools,
conferences on “Human Resources Development and entrepreneurship” were held.
Conferences organized by Association, examples:
Human Rights,
The Development Of Turkish Aviation,
Informal Employment Issues
Research Techniques,
Ata Model Airplane Contest
Radio-Controlled Model Airplane Contest
Radio-Controlled Model Helicopter Competition
we had picnics with young people. Entrepreneurship visits to company were made and
given free advice. 52 NGOs attended by “Tokat Learning Festival” opening stand was
appreciated. Held Scouting activities.
Our association has experience on working with different cultures. we organized
seminars on human rights, freedom and equality of people. We have educators
specialized in social issues. Participants are required to make preparations before the
project. We give importance to european citizenship and world citizenship. There are
problems of democracy in the world, in Europe and in our country. Our institution does
activities against social, cultural, faith, racial discrimination.

Contact person

Muslim Kacmaz