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The National Institution of Social Care and Vocational



Beirut Tarik Al Jadida



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Missions and objectives

NISCVT aims to contribute to the development of the Palestinian community in Lebanon through services addressing the needs of the families, and through various gender-balanced projects empowering the potentials and skills of the children, youth and their parents or guardians.
• Empowering sponsored families, by supporting them to be able to improve their Socio-economic conditions.
• Provide the youth with a platform for self-expression and opportunities to open dialogues with youth from other countries.
• Develop economic and professional opportunities for youth through gender-balanced programs.
• Preserve the Palestinian identity by preserving its cultural heritage and transmitting it to the new generations.

Main Activities

NISCVT programs focus on education, social development, health and relief. Within these three fields of work, it maintains multipurpose centers, kindergartens, dental clinics, and psycho – social counseling centers.
By offering a variety of educational, cultural and recreational programs, summer camps, library services, medical clinics and other specialized projects, NISCVT seeks to address the many needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, maintaining a focus on families and youth.

Contact person

Kassem Aina