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The Digital Museum of Women “Zatek”




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Missions and objectives


An aware and engaged feminist society that promotes women’s equity


To build women’s capacity through historical digital media documentation and knowledge sharing based projects of women’s participation and achievements in Arabic speaking countries

1- Historical digital media documentation of women’s participation and achievements in the society.
2- Awareness and promotion of feminism and women’s rights’ in Arab speaking countries for equity
3- Building women’s capacity through knowledge sharing based projects.

Main Activities

The Digital Museum of Women “Zatek”, in Arabic your female soul, is an online and factual information system to research, advocate, document, exhibit women’s history and current issues along with provide women with tools and knowledge to be empowered. The museum is using internet and digital technology like, photography, digital video and audio system, graphics to document women’s participation in the Egyptian daily life (Art, Political participation, culture, economy, Social involvement) and use this data to highlight, disseminate information and build networks to improve women’s statues in Egypt and Arabic speaking countries.

Contact person

Yasmine Ibrahim