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Tamer Institute for Community Education






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Missions and objectives

Vision: Towards a Safe and Free Palestinian Learning Society
Strategic Goals
Strategic Goals (2021-2024):
1- Creating free spaces of expression for children and youth that reinforce the social and national fabrics.
2- Developing a quality, knowledge-based cultural product that stimulates curiosity and imagination
3- Providing a safe enabling environment for the “culture of learning”
4- Empowering Tamer Institute’s Team and enhancing the institute’s sustainability to spread its learning approach inside and outside

Main Activities

Tamer’s first focus in its 4 year strategy (2021-2024), is to create a free space where children and youth can actively engage with their communities through activities and programs initiated by Tamer institute. This includes reading, writing, and all forms of free expression. In this sense, Tamer will ensure that all the activities and programs implemented in these spaces are operating effectively and efficiently, which will, in turn, reinforce the social fabric in the Palestinian community. Moreover, given Tamer’s role and recognition of its contribution to a reading community through its publications and scholarly supportive work in child literature, Tamer second focus will be on providing children and youth with literary and cultural productions that stimulates imagination and curiosity, and will also continue conducting research on children’s culture and productions. Furthermore, Tamer will promote the quality productions, developing and implementing cultural events, and organize capacity-building workshops for bookmakers/ producers (illustrators, authors, animators, designers… etc).
Tamer Institute celebrates many achievements in the Palestinian society by its partners and other players in the field of education and culture. The Institute’s vision is “towards a Free and Safe Palestinian Learning Society” while its mission is “Encourage and deepen the culture of learning among children, young adults and groups which work with them”. The Institute has created learning environments in various surroundings, and by creating these environments, they hope to attract youths, and encourage reading, expression of personal experience, creativity, achievement, and the transformation of experience into cultural products.

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Renad Qubbaj