Name of the organization or artist

Ta Pastrojmë Kosovën – Let’s Do It



Muje Krasniqi



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Missions and objectives

Preservation and protection of the environment
Advocacy to institutions for solving the environmental problem in Kosovo
Mobilisation of citizens for environmental protection
Networking with local and international organisations

Main Activities

“Ta Pastrojme Kosoven” is an NGO which deals with the conservation and protection of the environment in Kosovo, also the organizing of citizens to address the problems, coordination of various activities (cleaning actions, awareness campaigns, and voluntary activities).
“Ta Pastrojme Kosoven” is part of the global movement Let’s do it! World. This initiative was successfully implemented in Kosovo with many activities, being characterized for organizing hundreds of pilot actions. “Ta Pastrojme Kosoven”, within a short time, became the largest campaign that addressed without interruption the environmental problems in Kosovo (especially public participation in environmental activities). “Ta Pastrojme Kosoven”, within its campaign, managed to make the problem of environmental pollution and waste management a topic of debate in all governmental and non-governmental structures in Kosovo.

Contact person

Luan Hasanaj