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SYMPRAXI – Partnership for Gender Issues



29A, Ptolemaion Str. /6th floor, Post Code: 54630



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Missions and objectives

We are the “house” for every person who wants to be active and entertained by organizing lectures – discussions, film screenings, art exhibitions, events, friendly meetings in cafes, psychological empowerment, publications, etc. for the liberation of the desire and expression of the Spectrum of Homosexuality and the Spectrum of Gender,
social or biological, symmetrical or asymmetrical.
“Sympraxi” accepts the “EU Charter of Human Rights” which opposes discrimination based on ethnicity, nationality, language, age, beliefs, religion/atheism, physique, sexual orientation, gender identity – characteristics – appearance.

Main Activities

“Sympraxi for Gender Issues” has been staging the “Thessaloniki International G.L.A.D. Film Festival” (Gayness, Lesbianism, Asymmetry, Diversity) since 1999. Also, it organizes dialogue events on gender issues, art exhibitions, research, workshops (movie reviews, self-defense, etc.), publishing books on sexual orientation (Three books have been printed” homosexuality – homophobia, same-sex couples, cinema).

Contact person

Nikolaos (Nikos) Chatzitryfon