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Sustanaible Development And Entrepreneurship Association




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Missions and objectives

Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma ve Girişimcilik Derneği (SÜRKALGİRDER) is an
association which aims to initiate social change and transformation with a civil society-
oriented and rights-based approach that was founded in 2018. The association carries out its
works to ensure that we can reach a livable society with human dignity by producing solutions
together. It aims to disseminate the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through studies to
be carried out with different target groups locally and nationally. SURKALGIRDER has the
attitude of planning and deciding all its works together with its stakeholders and acts within a
strategic point of view. The association desires to strengthen sustainable social impact and
continue its works as an institution that produces proactive solutions to local and national
problems with an innovative approach from an institutional perspective.
Creating a society where the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
are functional, a rights-based entrepreneurship understanding that produces and creates value
is widespread, and development is realized in a way that respects rights.
Being able to explain the necessity of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development
Goals to individuals from all parts of the society.
Supporting individuals from different parts of the society to produce solutions in line with the
United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
Creating a platform where stakeholders can act together towards sustainable life.
Raising awareness about the rights of individuals within the scope of sustainable life;
disseminate national and international documents on these rights.
Promoting a holistic understanding of development and entrepreneurship.
Encouraging eco-friendly, innovative development and entrepreneurship ideas.

Main Activities

Project of School Environment Modeling from the Perspective of Syrian Refugee
Children: “School Environment Modeling Test Study” was carried out by
SÜRKALGİRDER. Within the scope of the project implemented with 120 children in 6
schools where many refugee children receive education in Izmir, an information note was
prepared about the barriers to refugee children’s access to education. With the project,
meaningful children participation was aimed to be ensured.
Project “Intercultural Citizenship Education for Youth Workers working in Euro-Med
Area”: Between 1-7 May 2019, with the participation of 25 young people from 10 different
countries, the project “Intercultural Citizenship Education for Youth Workers working in
Euro-Med Area” Erasmus + was held. With the youth workers in the countries neighboring
the Mediterranean region, by producing solutions to global problems through the eyes of
youth, helping the youth to achieve sustainable development was aimed. It is also aimed to
contribute to sustainable development with the participation of youth. Young people have
shown the tendency to initiate a movement towards the creation of regional youth policies by
producing ideas with a glocal approach on the subjects of migration, climate crisis and

Contact person

Suleyman Gok