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Studio Emad Eddin



18 Emad Eddin street



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Missions and objectives

our mission is to create an openminded and alternative creative atmosphere where the territory of artistic practice can be expanded. Working in this environment enables artists in Egypt to develop the continuity of their creative process and career development, while finding a network in the wider world

Main Activities

The Studio Fulfils This Mission Through:

A multitude of managed workspaces, available to all independent artists on an equal basis for rehearsals, local or international workshops and seminars. Varying in size, they are all fully equipped and well maintained.

A diverse and pertinent program of workshops and training. Catering to artists at different moments of their career, it is delivered by top professionals from Egypt and beyond.

The organisation’s extensive and up to date knowledge of the Egyptian performing arts sector. This is based upon strong personal and professional links to local artists and institutions.

A long established network of contacts and partnerships with performing artists and institutions from across the world.

Dedication driven by the belief that the arts, and the performing arts in particular, play a unique and important role in changing the paradigm of both individuals and society.

Contact person

Dina Said