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Skillz East Africa










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Missions and objectives

Skillz East Africa (SEA) is youth-centered social enterprise that aims to promote positive youth development by partnering  and collaborating with existing community- based youth initiatives and organizations to design interactive/participatory creative arts programs, workshops and E learning platforms that enable youth access resources, nurture their talent and build positive behaviors pertaining to the realities of social-diversity and how to better manage and leverage opportunities that foster a healthier, productive and sustainable community.
Vision – Skillz East Africa seeks to be the best talent development, partnerships and jobs creation agency for young people in East Africa
Mission: Skillz East Africa seeks to build sustainable partnerships and collaborations and work with young people to design creative spaces including annual events, workshops and media campaigns.
What we do:
Dance Education -To design interactive / participatory programs, workshops and E-learning art classes to impart knowledge, skills and grow young peoples’ experience in the arts sector in Uganda and across East Africa.
Professional Development – To create a diverse investment space that enables young people to develop digital content, learning products, and offer services building partnerships across both the private, government and development sectors.
Job opportunities – To build sustainable partnerships and collaborations with artists, and work with both government and non-governments organizations to organize top notch performing arts events.


Main Activities

Cultural event production
Artist residence
Creative consultancy


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Orenia Ricky