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Missions and objectives

shareQ or “شارك” is a Lebanese non-profit organization launched by a group of dedicated young professionals in 2012.
Our vision is to launch social enterprises and programs that offer innovative products, services while providing solutions for crucial social challenges.
Our mission is to support people with disabilities or facing acute financial challenges to lead a productive and dignified life.
In collaboration with different funding institutions, NGOs and social enterprises in Lebanon, shareQ is dedicated to innovating and implementing sustainable projects in social entrepreneurship, food security, capacity building and work inclusion.

Main Activities

To date, shareQ has 2 main units working together to offer a holistic solution:
– The Livelihood Unit: ProAbled that is devoted to enable a disability inclusion culture through its inclusion courses and the inclusion of persons with disabilities or facing acute financial challenges in the work field.
– The Food Security Unit: M Social Catering formed by a kitchen crew of managers, chefs, quality control experts, persons with disabilities and vulnerable women who prepare and distribute vacuum meals & hot meals to underprivileged communities.

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