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Samer Raimouny, has been writing poetry since the age of 13. Over the years, he’s developed a distinct voice expressed through poetry in English. His freeform and poetic prose is unique in that it is sometimes written onto ancient (and well established) Arabic poetic metres, and infuses his voice with the depth of his Levantine Heritage. His writing has been described as “… Makes a point … logical, progressive and well structured one feels of its importance, no doubt that it is in English for an Audience mainly of Europeans…”

Deriving inspiration from personal narratives, often left out of headlines, he dives deep into Levantine and Arab Culture and Oral Tradition, History, Mythology and Archeology. His writings in English, French and Arabic have been described as ‘conversation starters’ and eloquent storytelling that twists and turns as it journeys through a shared humanity. His work is sometimes humorous, sometimes irreverent and always courageous. It invites audiences to question orientalist stereotypes (both positive and negative) that still accompany the interaction of global commerce and trade – with war – in a digital and globally connected reality. A reality that still is searching for basic solutions to humanity’s constant need for development, progress, stability, well-being and evolution. All, global challenges facing us today in the 21st century as Humanity still grapples with finding correct methodologies towards… Collective, Equitable, Durable and Just… Solutions.

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