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Sama for Development



Lebanon, Saida



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Missions and objectives

Our Mission is to enhance and improve the role of the population (citizens and refugees)in the change process to meet the needs of the communities, as individuals and/or groups, specifically the marginalized communities in rural and poor areas using mobilization, empowerment, capacity buildings through human rights based approach and in accordance with the sustainable development goals – SDGs.
1- to protect children in Lebanon & especially south Lebanon from abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect.
2- to increase coverage and quality of services that strengthen family and community capacity to protect children.
3- To reduce child abusive behaviors, violence, exploitation and neglect, and provide a timely and accountable response to child protection violations.
Promote and increase young people and children participation in civic life.
4- Strengthening and implementing a comprehensive and dynamic set of global norms, policies and standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women & girls.
5- Strengthen innovation with a stronger focus on co-curricular opportunities that actively engage our students in meaningful learning that challenges and motivates them 6- to reach their potentials, fosters and nurtures positive relationships with parents. In addition to engage them in their child\’s educational experience and provide opportunities for constructive contributions in our programs.
7- To increase the number of youth & adults who have relevant skills, include technical & vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs & entrepreneurship in a sustainable way.
8- encourage all girls & boys to complete equitable & quality primary & secondary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes.
9- Ensure equal access for all women & men to affordable & quality technical, vocational & tertiary education including university.
10- Eliminate gender disparities in education & ensure equal access to all levels of education & vocational training for the vulnerable, especially persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples & children at risks.
11- Ensure that youth & substantial proportion of adults, both men & women, achieve literacy and numeracy.

Main Activities

Psychosocial support activities
Life skills activities
Positive parenting activities
Awareness sessions
Advocacy campaigns
Focus PSS activities
Case management
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Widad El Sabeh