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Regional Library “Peyo K. Yavorov”- Burgas





8000 Burgas, 14 “Sredna gora” Str.





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Missions and objectives

The collection of the library fund of the Regional Library “P. K. Yavorov “- Burgas, in the newly built building using the site of the of the former German school, provides an opportunity to introduce an electronic management system for the effective use of library resources by readers of all ages.
Constructing and modernizing the library and cultural infrastructure contributes for the development of the local community based on knowledge, creative innovations and intersected cultural life.
In order to effectuate the main goal, the following specific targets are formulated, related to the planned activities and results:
– Creation of appropriate conditions and infrastructure for the provision of modern educational and information services and the development of cultural and creative activities;
– Improving access to information and services for various groups of the population and guests of the municipality of Burgas, including disadvantaged people;
– Creating urban spaces for creative expressions, cultural interactions and resource sharing.
The implementation of the project “Reconstruction and readjustment of a modern building into a cultural and educational center (museum) for contemporary art and library” is a contribution to the modern vision of the cultural environment in the city and municipality, communicating and enhancing new forms of knowledge sharing, innovation and resources.


Main Activities

The achieved cooperation between the library and the educational establishments aims to build sustainable education by encouraging reading and increasing literacy, establishment of research skills, correct use of information by children and students, as well as building habits for self-education. In 2021 the Library has achieved successful partnerships with over 138 educational institutions from Bulgaria.
The modern technologies assist in the implementation of new educational “STEM” methods, including 3D printing, 3D lessons from 1st to 12th grade – the Mozabook Classroom. Children, pupils, students and library users can work for free with the zSpace studio and personal zSpace laptops / Augmented reality and Virtual reality /, the Interactive floor Magic Carpet Funtronic, stimulates the lifelong learning process and the Sandbox is oriented to the study of physical geography and history.
The modern information society is a prerequisite for the development and establishment of digital libraries, which aims to provide the widest possible access to digitized materials. In 2009 the process related to digitalization of library documents, which are publicly available and in compliance with copyright and related rights, was launched. Databases have been built, including Burgas periodicals / for newspapers and magazines up until 1944 /, bibliographies and bio-bibliographies of famous Burgas artists, vinyl records, documentaries, paintings, postcards and cultural posters. Library users have access to Europeana and CEEOL / Central and Eastern European Online Library/.
In 2021, a new platform was created for the library website, which meets all modern requirements. The implemented Self check system and the improved library site, allows each reader to see their own status, to reserve and / or overwrite library documents, as well as to use the online sources of information provided to them in accordance with copyright.


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Yana Karshiyska