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Permanent Peace Movement



Jisr El Bacha



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Missions and objectives

Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) works on building peace in the local, national and international communities through spreading the culture of peace and transforming/preventing conflicts. it also strives to empower individuals and institutions enabling them to play their respective roles in this field.

Main Activities

Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) works in coordination with the various components of the community in the following fields:

– Resolving/preventing conflicts through researches and trainings, and intervening where necessary and possible

– Controlling armament, possession and misuse of small arms

– Promoting transitional justice, facing the past and consolidating reconciliation in the post-war society

– Human rights and human security.

– Promoting children’s rights and stopping the use of children in armed conflicts

– Spreading the culture of non-violence so that it becomes a value and a human choice by itself

– Replacing retributive justice by restorative justice

– Promoting citizenship and democracy and motivating individuals as well as groups to fulfill their duties and know their rights

Contact person

Fadi Abi Allam