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omniah youth center



jenin /Nazareth street



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Missions and objectives

We seek to contribute to improving the living conditions of marginalized groups and needy young people, women, children and disabled people in the governorate of Jenin and the quest for community outreach programs and so out of strengthening the concepts of civil society and advocacy and empowerment of marginalized groups.
1 – promoting cultural activities, intellectual, artistic and social development in the Palestinian community, and exchange experiences with cultural centers and associations related to the inside and outside the country.
2 – Strengthening links with the clubs and cultural centers.
3 – collection of neighborhoods and the Palestinian heritage of folklore, documented and published.
4 – Activate the Palestinian creativity and embrace the talent.
5 – festivals Palestinian creativity and the establishment of forums and poetry readings as well as art galleries, which is consistent with the objectives of the center and aspirations.
6. the empowerment of women and youth in the province economically and socially.

Main Activities

Promote the principle of sovereignty of law and respect for human rights and nation-building on the foundation of democracy.
• Advancement level of young people and enable them to take its role.
• Focus on the importance of health ,education , education literacy, of young people through education and counseling.
• international economic cooperation.
• conducting radio and television programs and the use of other information presented in the field of youth issues, health, unemployment for university graduates and social gender issues.

Depends where Omniah Youth Center program basically on the process of active participation, through:
• workshops and meetings with professionals.
• training courses and capacity building of youth.
• coordination and networking with other groups and nationwide and international.

Contact person

mohammad hammad