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Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy



Ramallah-Betunia, PCPD Building



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Missions and objectives

PCPD is working for a well-functioning, free and independent, democratic Palestinian state. We, at PCPD working to build vibrant and tolerant society, a society whose government is accountable and open to the participation of all with main focus on women and youth based on the principles of good governance, rule of law. A political system that respects protects and fulfills human rights in general and women rights in particular, a society that enjoys values of integrity and is capable to make the national government and the local governments accountable to empower the democratic practices; and a civil society that helps keep government power in check.

Main Activities

1- Implementing field and social media youth initiatives
2- Implementing 8 social accountability tools on the local and national levels
3- Sessions, workshops and conferences
4- conducting surveys and publishing books and training manuals
5- monitoring elections
6- producing U-tubes, short films and spots
7- Demonstrating in the streets
8- Live TV. sessions
9- training courses in political and democratic development
10- Establishing coalitions and networks

Contact person

Hilda Issa and Naseef Muallem