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Palestinian Association for Human Rights “Witness”





صور، جل البحر خلف مكتبة مالك ، بناية الاعرج الصابق الارضي





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Missions and objectives

• Supporting the Palestinian refugees in their right to live in decent conditions, which meet the international human right standards.
• Raising awareness among the Palestinian refugees towards their human rights.
• Engaging the communities of the Palestinian refugees in promoting their case and rights.

• Improving the living conditions of the Palestinian refugees.
• Defining the rights of the Palestinian refugees and protecting it.
• Promoting the culture of the children’s rights among the Palestinian community of refugees in Lebanon.
• Giving the Palestinian youth and children the needed attention and meeting their demands.
• Giving the Palestinian women the deserved attention, and working against the various faces of discrimination and violence she suffers from.


Main Activities

First, Education

Second, Networking:

Third, Defending:

Fourth, Training.

Major contributions of “Witness” in defending Palestinian Human rights are:

• Periodic reports on the civil rights of the Palestinian refugees.
• Appeals for successive Lebanese governments.
• Proposals to amend some of the parliament decisions on the civil rights of refugees.
• Regular meetings with the various Lebanese parliamentary groups or forces to explain and illustrate the suffering of Palestinian refugees and to mobilize support.
• Communication with the various Lebanese political forces.
• Following-up the file of the “Non ID” Palestinians refugees in Lebanon.
• Following-up file of detainees in the Lebanese General Security prisons or in other prisons in Lebanon.
• Active follow-up to what had happened for the people of Nahr al-Bared from the oppression and violation of their social and human rights, and try to defend them.
• Following-up with the General department for political affairs and refugees and work to facilitate the issuance of identification documents for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
• Organization of demonstrations and protesting campaigns in front of the United Nations centers and embassies to ask about the demands of the refugees.
• Holding lectures and seminars in the camps and Palestinian gatherings to highlight the rights of refugees and mechanism of action to demand it.
• Following-up the issues of refugees with UNRWA in various fields: – health – education – Social Affairs – reconstruction and infrastructure.


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حسن السيدة