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Missions and objectives

a) Vision
Our vision is based on our aspiration to establish peace, equal citizenship for all citizens worldwide, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion, and guarantee their rights, freedom, and social justice, in modern democratic secular nations, where gender equality is constitutionally and legally adopted, and equal participation of women in political, economic, social and cultural fields of life is ensured, in the public and private spheres.
b) Mission
1. Promoting a democratic secular culture through peaceful means, focusing on spreading ideas of unity and equality while contributing to conflict resolution and the adoption of non-violent tactics and strategies.
2. Raising awareness about concepts of equal citizenship, civil liberties, and gender equality, without any discrimination, especially against women.
3. Contributing to women empowerment, through seeking legal gender equality and for real women participation in all political, social, economic and cultural aspects of life.
4. Working with refugees, especially women, to facilitate their integration in their host communities, raise their awareness of their rights and gender equality, and empower them

Main Activities

Our activities are realized to achieve our goals we:
1. Created “Alrahba” Publishing House for translation and publishing books about feminism and women issues.

2. Invited intellectuals, politicians, civil activists, and political parties to propose their future view about freedom, justice, and gender equality.
3. Organized meetings among intellectuals to discuss their insights on addressing social issues.
4. Issued studies and researches about the status of refugee women.
5. Organize Workshops about women issues and women rights.
6. Conducted workshops about citizenship, the concepts of modern democratic state, gender equality, resolution 1325 and the relationship of these concepts with women’s lives.
7. Maintained a website.
8. Used social media to promote our ideas.
9. Connected with other women organizations, groups, and activists to collaborate.
10. Organized courses about Gender equality and women issues for elementary school teachers.
11. Developed projects to empower women refugees (Literacy, Crafts, psychosocial support, legal awareness, Health awareness).
12. Developed a gender-sensitive psychosocial support program for children refugees.

Contact person

Maya Alrahabi