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Mission Art




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Missions and objectives

Mission Art is an Art Platform located in a 1930’s building in the vibrant neighborhood of Mar Mikhayel in Beirut.

The space with its serene and refined mood connects art, design and …conversations.

In our collective struggle to survive despite the difficult economic situation, we continue to seek out and support compelling artists and share their work with the public.

Main Activities

Ghiath Machnok & Toufic El Zein together have founded Mission Art in 2018. Why Art as Mission? Mission Art’s main aim is to help Art spread through Artists and educational establishments. A rigorous plan of action will help some artists to make a residency or have an atelier for free for a period of time.

Like previously curated exhibitions “Let There Be Light”, Extraordinary Art” and “7 Rooms 7 Artists” Mission Art will be proposing new itinerant and collective exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions. Mission Art reveals carefully selected unseen works of Lebanese and International Artists.