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Missions and objectives

MENACatalyst (MC) is an impact-driven nonprofit with the vision of creating the conditions necessary for the marginalized to rise up and become leaders of positive social impact and effect lasting economic growth across the MENA region.

MENACatalyst Foundation is an independent non-profit organization with a mission to develop innovative and viable solutions for youth entrepreneurship and employment within and across MENA countries, through bringing effective, efficient and dynamic partnership collaboration among key development stakeholders.


Main Activities

MENACatalyst develops stories that connect personal narratives to the wider community and regional challenges to achieve social change, thus our impact is threefold:

1)The Region:

Expanding the scope and viability of our ‘virtual economy.’ Creating strong networks between committed diaspora members and promising Palestinian based startups. Competing at a regional level.

2) The Community

Increasing employment opportunities through the establishment of a smart and resilient ecosystem, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

3) The Individual

Resonate on a human level through our shared startup stories, directly connect with the diaspora through our International Demo Events, and foster the entrepreneurial spirit through guidance with our Mentorship Programs.


Contact person

Muna Ali