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Mossawah Center for Civil Society Development Association (MCCSDA)



Jordan – Mafraq – beside Al-Eskan Bank – Bab Al-baraka Commercial Complex – 3rd Floor, Office No. 12 Postal Address: Zip Code 25110 p. 335



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Missions and objectives

Towards a cohesive society where security, peace and dialogue prevails

To work with all sectors to empower and build the civil society institutions abilities also youth and women’s capabilities; to obtain an overall development and positive change in their communities, and work to embed the principles of active participation, democracy, respect for human rights, and to build a cohesive society dominated by peace and dialogue security.

MCCSD established in 2009 as a non-profit organization working for raising awareness in women’s rights, empowering youth, gender equality and promote democracy and good governance concept, also promote the culture of dialogue, peace and accepting of the other , cultural and artistic, in addition to strengthening the civil society institutions role in their communities.

Main Activities

Mossawah Center for Civil Society Development works in the following areas:
•Decentralization and local democracy.
•Democracy and participation.
•Political, social and economical development.
•Parliamentary Affairs.
•Civil and political rights.
•Social and economic rights.
•Embedding peace, secure and dialogue principles

Studies and Publications:
1. Participating in report issuing of “The reality of religious minorities in Jordan under shade light of the influx of Syrian refugees”, Daman Academy for education and training with cooperation of KonradAdinuare Institution, 2016.
2.Book “Youth Economic Empowerment in Light of Syrian Refugee Influx”, 2015.
3.Newsletter “Local issues” in Al Mafraq Governorate/ Mafraq voice, 2015.
4.Panorama project book “Strengthening the effective political participation of women and youth sector in Al-Mafraq Governorate,” 2012.
5.Panorama project book “the participation of the youth sector and women in the decision –making process and their participation in the municipal elections,” 2012.
6.Study “the youth sector trends and women that participate in the decision-making process and the municipal elections,” 2011.
7.Study “the reality of the political participation of women and the youth sector in Al-Mafraq Governorate,” 2011.
8.Booklet Societies Act No. 51 of 2008, as amended, 2011.

Media production:
Video clips production, specialized videos having targeted goals in order to strengthening the political and civil participation.

Alliances and coalitions:
1.Fellows/ CSFS enabling civil society in the southern Mediterranean program, funded by UN, 2016.
2.Coalition (DAR) for local democracy, 2014.
3.Formation of a civil coalition (equal to monitor municipal elections) in 2013.
4.Join the Jordanian Media Observatory – Disclosure -, 2013.
5.Accession coalition of charitable Developmental Al-Mafraq Governorate, 2013.
6.Join the civil alliance to monitor the parliamentary elections in 2012.
7.Join the civil alliance to monitor the parliamentary elections in 2010.
8.Join the membership of the Anna Lindh, 2009.
That; in addition to implementing and participation in plenty of conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, and youth exchanges.

Contact person

Suleiman Ali Al-Khawaldeh