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Mahood Arib



Unit 4 , 3rd Floor , Azhand building – 15rd Javan Street – Javan Street – Takhti Street – Rasht – Gilan – IRAN – Postal Code: 4173775399



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Missions and objectives

I am an independent photographer and filmmaker from Iran. Where at first it looks very different from the geography and culture of Ireland. But being human has given us the opportunity to connect and be close. I’m talking about a different culture and geography. But my mentality and knowledge is to portray the world, which is the universal language. My idea is a global record for humans. I have a central idea to portray human beings in their unique situations, regardless of where they differ. Photograph or film them. Then these images together in an exhibition or even a wall become what they are, the representation of man on the wall, the representation of man, without borders and belongings that separate them. That’s where human beings become valuable again, I’m very interested in testing this visual experience in ACAN and perhaps contributing to the very interesting goals of that collection.
With the medium of documentary and social photography along with documentary filming, I can produce a lasting collection to create a visual project that is both successful in terms of attracting viewers and has an anthropological and ecological function.
With the experience of a short life in Lebanon, I can create a unique experience of coexisting with the culture and understanding of the environment there, which is both in line with my different experiences and the result of my understanding as an artist from another community.

Main Activities

Filmmaker and Photographer