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Moubark Mohammed



15, Street Maarakat Anual , 93000, Tetouan



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Missions and objectives

Work on the radiation of Amazigh culture, art and heritage, as it is one of the pillars of the Moroccan-Moroccan civilization in its cultural diversity, art and heritage, and a source in its cultural heritage.
Working on the radiation of culture, art and community development by benefiting from experiences and exchanging experiences between Morocco and the rest of the Mediterranean countries.
Establishing the Center for Studies and International Cooperation to strengthen the capacities of the associative fabric and develop its competencies, in partnership with governmental and non-governmental institutions, international agencies, elected bodies and non-governmental organizations in Morocco and abroad.

Main Activities

Organizing forums for NGOs and civil society associations
Organizing the Tetouan Festival of Cultures, Arts and Heritage
Organizing the Mediterranean Forum of Cultures and Arts