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LOYAC Lebanon



Gemmayze – pasteur street- habib mdawar center



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Missions and objectives

Vision: Enlightened youth for peace and prosperity
Mission: Empowering youth through unique opportunities to evolve into highly effective humane citizens


Main Activities

LOYAC runs several programs for the youth to develop their professional skills, enhance their personal growth, and help them find their sense of purpose by extending themselves to others.
Since LOYAC’s inception, it has grown to incubate youth from different backgrounds with innovative and high-quality programs where it was able to engineer several paradigm shifts by introducing youth to community service and emphasizing the importance of building skills to face the rising competition in the marketplace. In addition to that LOYAC provides annual assistance for underprivileged families through the renovation of houses, schools, and public areas.
Moreover, LOYAC believes in engaging in and fostering partnerships between the private sector, civil society, and the government. In 2010, LOYAC was certified as a Best Practice by UN-Habitat. In 2018, LOYAC won the prestigious European Union Chaillot award. We will be celebrating 10 years of achievement with over 15,000 direct beneficiaries (participants and students) of our programs and over 30,000 indirect beneficiaries through humanitarian projects and outreach programs (at-risk families and children).

The most prominent program at LOYAC is the Professional and Personal Development Program (PPD) which its impact is providing employability to the youth through three pillars:

1. Soft skills workshops & Internship: through continuous education opportunities locally and internationally provided to our members, free of charge. In addition, to providing youth with internship opportunities that build their profile for future
employment on one hand and for the enhancement of their professional profile on the other hand.

2. Community Service: applicants are encouraged in a non-orthodox way to participate in projects that serve the underprivileged in the community, participants are encouraged to create their own initiative where LOYAC provides the guidance and support needed or volunteering in the Mob-Art Project powered by LOYAC in the Beqaa area.

3. Self-expression through arts & sports: where LOYAC offers free charge Music & art classes and organizes Art & Sports events to empower youth and Elevate their expressions to achieve personal development.


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doha faraj